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Kaleisia Tea Lounge: The Best of Tampa Tea

Being my last day in Tampa before heading up to DC and also seeing that my stamp card is complete and a free drink is a-callin’, I figured there’s no place I’d rather pay a visit to today than Kaleisia Tea Lounge.  Though I came here with the intention of perhaps proofreading my primary application for med school, upon first sip of my drink, I had a sudden urge to blog about this place. Thus, this is an ode to my favorite boba place. EVER.

Tampa definitely has a solid number of tea and boba places, but Kaleisia has always reigned supreme in my opinion.  Kaleisia was the first boba tea place I tried in Tampa about 6 years ago or so, and quite honestly, it’s only gotten better with age.  Now in a beautiful bigger location with a menu more diverse than ever, Kaleisia has certainly earned a more-than-decent following.

Drinks: SO many teas.  Whether you like it black, green, white, red, whatever–they have a tea for you.  You can get it hot or iced with your choice of sweetness.  There’s always a tea of the day that you can sample as well!  They also have coffee, chais, fruit smoothies, and now some “summer infusions”.  Of course, no iced drink is complete without  a little boba, and the boba here is really bomb. Like, it’s sweetened just right and has the perfect chewy texture that doesn’t harden the longer it sits in your drink. *Ahhhhh*

Food:  I can’t speak too much on the food here, but what little I have tried has been really good!  The menu definitely has a vegan flare to it, which is kind of nice for once.  The food is light and fresh but flavorful and is complemented so well with teas.

Ambience:  Truly pleasant and unique.  There’s plenty of seating, a nice amount of artwork on display, and lots of pretty merchandise for you to splurge on.  What’s really cool about this new location is the addition of the Japanese shoji sukiya room which provides a really lovely intimate space.  Take your shoes off, sit on the floor, and eat & drink like you’re in Japan.

Staff:  Super nice and always helpful. A+++

Kaleisia Tea Lounge on Urbanspoon

This place marries together all the things I love–matcha, coconut, and chocolate.  I tried the new summer matcha coolada (matcha, coconut, and condensed milk) and the delicious matcha chocolate cupcake.

Matcha Coolada

Matcha Coolada

Both are so SO good.  I am literally in heaven right now.  My friend Kelli and I tried the matcha cupcake last time we were here and determined that we must try to recreate this amazingly earthy but sweet dessert.  If and when this happens, I will share it with the world (though it probably won’t be as good).  If you’re a lover of tea or simply looking for a new hangout/study spot, definitely check this place out!  I am sure you will love it as much as I do (or atleast almost, haha).

Matcha Cupcake (vegan)

Matcha Cupcake (vegan)

Matcha Cupcake (vegan)

Matcha Cupcake (vegan)

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