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Sweetgreen: Healthy Never Tasted So Good

Okay, so in this darn day and age, there are salad places popping up all over the place.  What sets one apart from the other?  Well, I don’t know exactly, but I do know that Sweetgreen is doing something right.  Everything about this place would appeal to the eco-friendly health nut.  They source local and organic ingredients and have a wide variety of components from which you can build your perfect salad.  They have a menu of signature salads (which you can also get as a wrap) as well as a build-your-own option.  They have options for both vegans and gluten-free eaters as well as those watching their waistline.

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In addition to the salads, the ‘green’ part of Sweetgreen, they also serve frozen yogurt (hence Sweetgreen).  The tart froyo (totally nonfat) is made from Stonyfield organic yogurt, and topping choices include agave nectar and fresh fruit.  To top it all off, EVERYTHING that is served to you and what it is served in is biodegradable.  When you go to throw away your trash, there’s a dispenser for normal trash and compostable trash.  The latter even says that everything for Sweetgreen can go in there.

I have to say this place is a little pricey when you’re talking about a pile of dressed up greens, but you get a lot, and it tasted good.  I got the chic-pea salad from their signature menu.  It’s mesclun with cucumbers, peppers, pita chips, chickpeas, and baked falafels with a lemon tahini dressing.  It was delicious!  It tasted really fresh and flavorful.  The baked falafels were also really great.  I didn’t think a baked falafel that is good was possible, but it is.  They’ll ask you if you want bread with it.. and if you’re feeling carby.. go for it!  It’s free and made from buckwheat. :)  I will definitely be returning here to try the other salads and the froyo!


Chic-pea (sheek-pea) salad


Do you see that falafel? Mmmm


BREAD (I caved in)

Sweetgreen on Urbanspoon

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