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Kraze Burgers: A Korean Burger Joint in Bethesda? I Can Dig It.

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So I’ve been trying out different churches in the MoCo area since I moved, and today it was ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ in Bethesda.  Overall good experience, but I did accidentally drop a $20 bill in the donation basket.  *Sigh* I’ve accepted this as my unintentional good deed of the day.  Nonetheless, I probably won’t be eating out again this week, so this review will have to satisfy my desire to play food critic for just a little longer than anticipated.

And of course, when in Bethesda, one must eat in Bethesda.  What? Oh.. Maybe it’s just me with that mentality.  I blame GC cupcakes for making me a magnet to the Bethesda food scene.  I had the Neopolitan secret cupcake today.. hehe.  Anywayyy, today I visited Kraze Burgers on Elm St., a Korean-based burger chain that opened its first American location in Bethesda a couple of years ago.  It was not busy when I got there, but picked up closer to the 12 o’clock lunch hour rush.  I think I read that the beef is grass-fed (kudos), but they also have turkey, veggie, and tofu burgers.

They have a sign that the food is better quality and not ‘fast-food’, hence you might have to wait awhile for your food as everything is made to order (not a problem unless in a rush).  I ordered the Hawaiian burger ($6.95) on a multigrain bun with a side of regular fries ($1.95).  The burger comes with a beef patty with grilled pineapple, Kraze Cream Cheese sauce, Mango sauce, American Swiss cheese, tomato, mayo and lettuce.  Now I’m not a DC burger connoisseur by any means, but let me just say, this burger was FANTASTIC.  It was cooked perfectly and had a lot of great flavor.  It was the kind of burger I didn’t want to put down in between bites.  The toppings tasted fresh, and the bread was a strong vessel for all the goodness inside.

kraze burger 1

kraze burger 3

The fries were.. eh. I’d probably pass on them next time as the burger was filling enough, or maybe I’ll try the sweet potato fries.  The fries were freshly made (which is great) but kind of overcooked and bland.  They had ketchup mayo though, which I thought was cool.

krave burger 2

Overall, I’d give this place a 4/5.   If you’re like me and only crave burgers once in a blue moon, this place can definitely satisfy that craving and then some.

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